basementshowKaylee Rose is a 22 year old musician from St. Augustine, Florida. After being actively booked on the Florida gig circuit playing over 950 shows since the young age of 14, she relocated to Nashville to focus on songwriting and her music career. Her unique style is a mash up of Country, Pop, Rock and even Rap.

Calling Florida home has been a real asset for her music since the South is a hybrid of wonderful sounds blending Reggae, Pop, Country, Latin and R&B. Growing up in Miami offered Kaylee the chance to hear virtually all types of music, creating her love for crossover genres.

Since moving to Nashville in 2015, she has collaborated with a variety of writers, continues to book shows weekly at popular venues and is an active member of NSAI, CMA and BMI. In addition, she is taking a full load of online college classes.

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